Who We Are, What We Do

The 13th Joint Task Force is an Armed Assault III realism unit that was formed in June of 2017. The 13th JTF was formed under the ideals that no member is valued above the other. Members from the 13th come from all over the Armaverse, which gives us an immensely diverse background. A good amount of members within the 13th are either prior or active duty military service members, giving us access to military insight and real world tactics to utilize in game.

We also realize that there needs to be a healthy balance between realism and fun in any MilSim unit. Most of us have been in many units prior, so we have a proficient grasp on what the line between realism and fun is.


What We Offer

The 13th has many benefits that we can offer you during your time with us. We have entire teams dedicated to the running of the unit, which work non-stop to make sure that you have the most enjoyable experience possible. We have dedicated instructors that will guide you through your first steps, and will educate you on everything you will need to know in order to prosper as a member of the 13th. We also have a team of veteran ArmA III modification specialists, who take time in curating the best modifications to utilize for our Armed Assault III experience. We also have dedicated in-house modification creators, who can give us custom content when there is none to be found elsewhere. Finally, we have a modification repository. We understand that the most difficult thing about ArmA is modifications. Our goal is for you to have fun, not to be stuck sitting for hours desperately trying to figure out how to modify ArmA yourself. Leave the heavy lifting to our repository servers.



We understand that not everyone can live the ArmA lifestyle, but we want to be up front with you to make sure you can. The 13th has weekly operations that happen every Sunday at 1800 Central Standard Time. If you wish to be a member, it's expected that you try as hard as you can to attend at least the operations and field training exercises.

Depending on your billet, you may also have specific trainings within your section or team. While it is not absolutely mandatory to attend these, it's still heavily recommended that you do. Growing and learning with your team or section will only help you be a better player in the long run.



As the 13th is a Task Force, it allows us to have multiple units from across the global armed forces. As the unit grows, so will the amount of units we have, due to the demand and/or necessity for our mission scope. Currently, we have the following units:


1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta, "CAG"

The 1st SFOD-D is our in house regiment of local badasses who train day in and day out on how to kick down doors and protect the free world. It is currently led by 2LT J. Wolfe and is the only non-supporting unit that is 100% ground-centric.


24th Special Tactics Squadron

The 24th Special Tactics Squadron is our local support squadron within the 13th. The 24th acts as our medics and radio operators to support the 1st SFOD-D in the field. It is currently led by 2d Lt J. Vessely and is the only ground support section within the unit.


58th Special Operations Wing

The 58th Special Operations Wing is our local rotary-wing and fixed-wing powerhouse within the 13th. It provides both transport and close air support when necessary to the ground forces. It is currently led by Capt B. Gluttony, and is the only aviation section in the unit.


Interested? Connect With Us

If you're still not convinced, join us on Teamspeak, or on our forums to talk to a recruiter. We promise that we will strive to make your experience here a positive one.